Structural Coating

An effective waterproofing and rehabilitation system.

The Drain Hunter has a specialist division offering a structural coating and waterproofing treatment which protects and maintains the integrity of a wide range of different structures. 

This revolutionary coating process effectively eradicates water ingress and corrects minor defects and cracks in everything from manholes, pipes, sewers and tanks to tunnels, bridges, bunds and liquid storage vessels. It can be used in confined spaces, and adheres to almost any material — even damp substrates. The system, which is both non-toxic and highly resistant to heat and chemicals, has been successfully used in a multitude of industries, including chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, utilities, civil engineering, rail, water and sewerage and food and drink production.

Even structures which have suffered from years of neglect and chemical attack can be completely refurbished to 'better than new' condition — and at a fraction of the cost and without the inconvenience of a total replacement. Once the coating has been applied, the rehabilitated manhole or vessel will be completely leak tight and chemical resistant to degradation. The resultant smooth internal finish also reduces the possibility of debris becoming trapped and causing blockages in the future.

After the surface has been prepared, the coating is applied by our specialist technicians to the specified depth. The material dries quickly, which means your structure is operational again — often in a matter of hours.

To find out more about our structural coatings service, call on 02 4915 7348, or complete the web enquiry form.