Sewer Desilting

Keeping clear of silt

Desilting or cleansing is the key to keeping sewers, pipes, drains and gullies in good repair and fully operational. This is particularly important when it comes to maintaining our highways and byways, because keeping gulleys clear and desilted lessens the risk of flooding in wet weather.

What is silt?

Inevitably, as liquid moves through a sewer system, heavier matter sinks to the bottom of the pipe and collects. This is what’s known as silt. If the silt is not extracted regularly, it will solidify into a hard rock-like substance, impairing and reducing the flow capacity of the system and, ultimately, making desilting a more difficult and lengthy operation in the long run. With regular sewer maintenance and desilting, the potential for problems is greatly reduced.

How we do it

Using The Drain Hunter's’ knowledge, knowhow and the very latest technologies, our desilting team will make short work of clearing and cleansing culverts, pipes, drains and sewers. They plough into the silt build up, to break it up so that the dislodged matter mixes with the effluent and water and can be flushed through to the next manhole chamber, where it is extracted by a powerful vacuumation unit.

Desilting anywhere

The Drain Hunter’s desilting service is appropriate for cleansing ducting, cable conduits, drains or sewers, and process pipework in production facilities. Find out more about sewer and pipe desilting now, by calling us on 02 4915 7348 or use the enquiry form.