CCTV Manhole Inspection
The Drain Hunter leads the way

The Drain Hunter undertakes CCTV inspections of manholes or chambers for a variety of clients including local authorities, utility companies and consultants, who demand meticulously detailed and accessible reporting.

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Identifying and acting upon any structural defects and leaks in a manhole before they get too severe is common sense. Using CCTV equipment to inspect a manhole shows up any problems or potential areas for structural failure, quickly and safely. These can then be repaired where necessary, using advanced rehabilitation and coating techniques, grouts or resins.

We have the technology

Manholes can vary greatly in size and depth, so it’s important that our inspection equipment not only suits any application and situation, but also provides the right level and type of data reporting. That’s why we use the acclaimed IBAK Panoramo SI. Perfect for inspecting manholes or chambers of 300mm diameter and above, the Panoramo SI is an amazing piece of equipment: a 3D Optoscanner featuring two high-res, digital cameras with distortion-free, wide angle lenses, this unit scans the entire interior of the manhole in just a few seconds — and in a single, vertical run, travelling at 35cm per second. That’s super quick. And, unlike conventional pan and rotate cameras which rely on the operator to choose what they record, this camera takes in the whole 360º view at one pass.

Panoramo puts you in the picture

Panoramo’s visual reporting capabilities are truly revolutionary. Instead of recording a video image, the Panoramo SI takes thousands of photos, which the software joins together to give this complete, 360º, 3D view. And that’s what makes it so remarkable. Whenever you want to view the recorded footage, you simply navigate your way around using your PC and mouse to view any areas or angles you choose — back and forth, up and down, round and round, as many times as you like, in your own time. The image can also be viewed ‘open’ or ‘unfolded’ and any necessary measurements taken. IBAK viewer software puts you in the picture, with reports and data to suit all common data interfaces.

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