Sewer Inspections

All types of inspections

The Drain Hunter has the skilled manpower and sophisticated CCTV technology to inspect all manner of sewer chambers, manholes, tanks and vessels, whether it’s for maintenance or to identify decay, structural defects or water ingress or egress. Remember that noxious gases may be present in sewer chambers, so this is always best undertaken by experts, like The Drain Hunter, under strict safety conditions.

We have the Latest technology

At The Drain Hunter, we've invested in the very latest CCTV technology  which gives incredibly detailed and impressive inspection reports and data to suit all common data interfaces.



Of course, when required, The Drain Hunter’s operatives are also able to carry out manual inspections of 600mm x 600mm diameter or larger sewer chambers, to assess their structural integrity. We never compromise where health and safety is concerned, so strict procedures are followed to the letter. Only after all relevant risk assessments have been carried out is the task undertaken by specialist staff trained in Confined Space Operations and equipped with appropriate protective gear and equipment.

For more information or to book a sewer chamber inspection, call us on 02 4915 7348 or complete our web enquiry form.