Jet Vacuumation

Maintenance is the best policy

The last thing you want is sewage contaminating your site, causing health issues and environmental incidents. Some surface water drains run into the foul sewer system so ensuring that all the pipes are kept clear of obstructions and free flowing is good forward planning, if flooding and blockages are to be avoided. The Drain Hunter's sewer  vacuumation service is the key to good housekeeping and sewer maintenance.

It’s simple with The Drain Hunter

Jetting the sewer pipes forces silt and debris forward until it arrives at the next downstream manhole or access point, where it’s vacuumed out by one of our advanced  vacuumation tankers. This  vacuumation service is also effective for interceptors, septic tanks, chambers. Putting The Drain Hunter’s PPM (Pre Planned Maintenance) contract in place is the simplest way to make sure all this gets done, without you having to ask. Our vacuumation teams will simply visit according to a pre-arranged schedule, check, jet and vacuum the sewers, and leave. Job done.  

It never rains but it pours

With increasingly extreme weather fronts resulting in severe flooding in recent years, our vacuumation service has spearheaded many post-flood clean up operations on the roads. With our incredibly powerful vacuumation unit capability, we make sure that any offending water and sewage waste is removed and disposed of according to waste legislations — without delay. And, working on the basis that prevention is better than cure, many highways authorities now use Lanes to maintain roadside gullies which take away surface water from their highways and byways.

Keep up with your PP

PP (Pollution Prevention) provide recommendations for avoiding pollution incidents and minimising your impact on the environment. The Drain Hunter's top notch vacuumation service will help you meet your obligations by: 

Emptying and disposing of contaminants from bunded areas of tanks above ground (PP2)
Regularly removing oil waste from interceptors or separators (PP3)
Disposal of water from excavation, dewatering and pumping where works are near watercourses (PP5)
Emptying tanks from vehicle washing facilities (PP13)
Decanting run-off after a fire or spillage from a containment facility (PP18)
Being on standby in the event of an incident for response planning purposes (PP21) 

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