Septic Tank Emptying

It is about sewage so it should be no surprise that The Drain Hunter is an expert in septic tank services as well as the mains wastewater infrastructure.

We understand the science. And we have all the practical skills and appropriate licences to make sure a septic tank is emptied and cleaned, regularly, properly and professionally. Good housekeeping helps avoid blockages, back-ups, and unpleasant odours.

Naturally, that is where The Drain Hunter comes in.

Septic tank emptying is carried out by our expert teams from your local depot, using powerful vacuumation and tankering equipment. And as a registered waste handler, we remove the contents to a reputable and registered waste disposal site and take care of the necessary paperwork.

It is recommended that septic tanks are emptied at least annually. Here The Drain Hunter will take the strain and do this automatically for you. On top of that, we check to make sure everything is working as it should.

For septic tank emptying, just call us on 02 4915 7348, or place your enquiry here