Sewer Repairs

The complete sewer repair

The Drain Hunter offers a prompt, effective and safe solution to all sewer repair needs. Not all sewer pipe repair can be managed using the advanced technology methods — relining or patching — and so, where appropriate, The Drain Hunter also offers traditional excavation repair and replacement.

Dig it

Where a sewer, drain or pipe has suffered a complete collapse, it is unlikely to be tackled using no-dig methods so, instead, it is treated by The Drain Hunter’s skilled and professional civils team. These guys know just how to excavate, replace the damaged sewer, and reinstate to as near pre-work conditions as possible, with the minimum of fuss.

There may be situations when excavation isn’t necessary, but neither is the installation of a full liner. With The Drain Hunter, there is another way to repair your sewer, drain or pipe — patch it.

The process of patch repairing a sewer is similar to that of relining but, as the name suggests, it involves installing a short liner in a specific section of the sewer or drain, rather than lining the whole pipe. First a fabric tube is impregnated with resin and positioned in place inside the sewer around an inflatable ‘packer’. As the packer is filled with water, steam or air under pressure, it expands and presses the patch against the sewer wall whilst the resin cures. Both thermal-cure and ambient-cure systems are available. Resins are usually polyester (ambient temperatures) or epoxy (thermal cure). After curing, the packer is deflated and removed from the pipe. The patch is inspected by CCTV and any lateral connections re-opened using similar techniques to those for full-length liners, before the pipe is recommissioned for use.

As safe as houses

At the The Drain Hunter, the health and safety of our people, and the public, is paramount. That’s why all our teams operate to the very highest standards of health and safety, whatever the sewer repair and replacement method. Our H&S systems are rigorous and robust, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands with Lanes.

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