Drain Vacuumation

Top technology for vacuumation

Thanks to our superior vacs, The Drain Hunter delivers optimum results wherever high pressure water jet and vacuumation is required — through drains as small as 50mm in diameter right up to the largest culvert.

Our high spec units use powerful and advanced technology to make short work of the most stubborn blockages, sewage, grease, debris and silt, vacuuming at - minus 11 inch atmosphere.
These specialist  vac units offer powerful  vacuumation capabilities for a whole range of applications, from gulley sucking to vacuuming debris from drains, grease traps, , interceptors and septic tanks. In fact, we empty, as well as clean, everything from sewers and drainage systems to fish ponds and boating lakes. 

The Drain Hunter's jet vacuumation service is suitable for the following situations, and more:

Drain/Sewer Cleaning — removing debris from drains and gullies after the jetting stage of cleaning

Septic Tanks — routine and emergency emptying of tanks and cesspits

Contaminations — the removal of contaminates from chambers and watercourses

Pump Station — extraction of solid debris

Floods — high suction capability handles even the most extreme flood situations

Reduce your risk

Time and again, our jet vacuumation service has been proven to save people, businesses and organisations a whole heap of trouble. With extreme weather conditions of recent years causing severe flooding in some areas of the Hunter, it’s crucial that drains are kept in optimum condition. And that means clear of debris and silt.

A hero for all seasons

Of course, if the worst does happen and you find yourself and your belongings knee deep in flood water — or worse, sewage — The Drain Hunter’s jet vacuumation is just what you need to make short work of the most daunting clear up operation.

For a quotation call us on 02 4915 7348, or for more information about our drain  vacuumation service, head over to the technology section. Or, click here to use our online enquiry form.