Blocked Sewer 

Blocked Sewer Pipe? 

You may have a blockage, but is it a sewer? Or a drain? Because, believe it or not, there is a difference. Sewers are shared drains. That’s all. 

Sewers take sewage, also known as ‘foul water’, from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens, And everything that we do for drains at The Drain Hunter, we can do for sewers too. So, if there’s a blocked sewer, we can unblock it. Simple.

Who owns the problem?

That depends on whose sewer it is. Responsibility for maintenance and repair of private sewers or lateral drains (eg: the section outside a property boundary which joins it directly to the main)

The householder IS still responsible for the drain serving the property and located within the property boundary though. And remember that you may be covered by your house insurance for damage to sewers you maintain.

Who are you going to call?

It’s confusing for householders. Unless you have a detailed knowledge of your underground drainage system, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which is a sewer and which is a drain, who owns which bit — and, ultimately, who to call when there’s a blockage.

We will tell you straight

Like drains, sewer pipes get blocked from time to time and can pose a real risk to health if the sewage overflows. That’s why an expert operator — like The Drain Hunter — with all the appropriate protective clothing and equipment, should deal with a sewer blockage. We’ll tell you whether the affected pipe is yours or the water or sewer authority in your area eg Council or Hunter water Corporation. That way you’ll know what to do next.

Contact Your Local Sewer Depot

It doesn't matter where in the Hunter a sewer blockage is. Because we have depots right across the region, so you’re never too far away to call for our efficient, effective, emergency blocked sewer service. Day or night, The Drain Hunter deals with blocked sewer pipes. You call us, and we despatch one of our expert sewer unblock engineers 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. 

If you know for sure that the affected sewer is not part of your water and sewerage Authority ( obviously that’s easy: call them direct. If not, call us on 02 4915 7348, or use our online enquiry form.