CCTV Drain Services

People may want to look into their drains, sewers, manholes and other chambers for a whole host of reasons but, in our experience, it’s usually to make sure that they’re not deteriorating, defective or blocked. And if there is a problem, using CCTV is absolutely the fastest and most effective way to find out what that problem is.

At The Drain Hunter, we’re always up there with the very latest technology, and our CCTV kit is no exception. Alongside our standard remotely controlled camera units, we’ve invested in clever Panoramo 360º cameras, which record every intricate detail of the inside of a drain, sewer or manhole. It makes inspection and problem analysis a cinch.

And we've acquired the latest ATEX-rated CCTV cameras — like Proteus — for CCTV surveys of zone 2 public sewers and other explosion-risk environments.

Of course, we don’t just turn out when you have a predicament. Some organisations choose to have regular inspections — for peace of mind or to meet ISO14001 environmental standards. If there is an issue, you can be sure we’ll find it. And if there isn’t, then you can rest assured that your drainage system or manhole chamber is doing its job. We’ll see to it.

To find out which CCTV service you need, just talk to one of our specialists on 02 4915 7348. Alternatively, you can contact us using our enquiry form.