Sewer Renovation

Before deciding on the best renovation solution for a given drain or sewer, our CCTV engineers use sophisticated, remotely-controlled camera units to survey the pipe. This is an integral part of the sewer renovation service, and allows us to prepare a report detailing the nature of the problem, and the remedial action we recommend to effect full sewer rehabilitation. In larger diameter pipes, we may carry out man-entry surveys with personnel trained in confined space working. 

Renovation by relining

Wherever possible, our sewer renovation specialists use relining also known as 'no-dig' or 'trenchless' technology — to rehabilitate sewers and drains ranging from 225mm to 2500mm in diameter. For localised repairs to specific sections of drain, we may use a technique known as patching which is suitable for pipes with diameters from 100mm up to 1250mm.


Once the project is underway, our expert team will manage the process right through from design stage

To book a consultation for your sewer rehabilitation project please click here, or call us on 02 4915 7348.​